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What you should know about the new agreement between Universal Music and Soundcloud

Universal Music and Soundcloud have just come to an agreement for a licensing deal. 

This is a pretty big deal for the platform's future, as well as for producers who enjoy making remixes, and DJ mixes.

Universal Music Group is one of the "big three" music publishing companiess in the world, next Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Warner signed a deal with Soundcloud last year, leaving only Sony up in the air. 

Here's a few things that this new deal could mean.

1. Remixes and mixes that contain music licensed by Universal could have a pre-play ad put on it, similarly to Youtube. This is way preferable to having your song taken down and a strike put on your account.

2. Soundcloud's paid subscription service is close. This paid option for listeners has been in talks for a while now. As we've seen pre-play ads roll out to United States listeners, the inevitability of a premium listening option has been clear. We've got our fingers crossed that this premium listening option will open the doors for higher streaming bitrates, since Soundcloud allows creators to upload high quality .wav files.

While I'm personally not a fan of interrupting ads (as it detracts from the listening experience), it is a good sign at least that Soundcloud is opening the doors to this platform to artists.

Our friends over at Repost Network have created a platform for artists to manage their monetization and other Soundcloud Premier features, such as content protection, comprehensive stats, and promotional tools. If you're interested in monetizing your Soundcloud streams, that's where to do it.

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